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Pay Per Click

First lets see what Is Pay Per Click?

Pay Per Click is an advertising model through which the advertisers pay for the click-through’s which brings in the customers to their website. Here Ads will be served based on keywords or themes.

The Benefits of PPC?

By running a powerful PPC campaign there are lots and lots of advantages to the businesses of all sizes. Below are just a few:

Small investment in the beginning. Search engines never charge that is no fee to place or to run your ad. You will be charged only if the users click on the ad.

You fix the Budget size. Depending on how much you are planning to invest and what kind of sales (or) leads you are planning to generate, you can set your budget as larger (or) smaller as you like.

PPC is reasonable for all businesses regardless of size. PPC can create a safe and level playing field for small businesses, provided if you are smart enough in picking up the right keywords. Your ad might be placed right above (or) below a large business or national chain, depending on how much you are planning to bid for keywords (or) phrases and the kind of words you are targeting.

Prodigy Apex Technologies has come with the well structured PPC Management (Pay per Click Advertising Campaign) Process to help you accomplish their goals in Search Engine Marketing.

PPC services are customized specifically for each and every major search engine. Success rate of PPC advertising campaign management depends hugely on implementing individual search engine specific standards and procedures. We have come up with unique strategies focusing all the major search engines by total focus on each one of them for undertaking PPC management in Google, Yahoo and MSN.

Prodigy Apex Technologies as a PPC advertising company completely understands that the maximum return on investment (ROI) is the one and only goal as far as Pay Per Click marketing campaign management is concerned. Pay Per Click marketing is an vary important and useful tool in situation where your site is pretty new, and the search engine optimization campaign is in the initial stages, and also when your web site does not shows up in top rankings in search engines organic listing

We have done all the necessary procedural modifications to the very high level to our PPC campaign methodology, to ensure good ROI.

Our PPC campaign management Process involves
  • Doing periodic research, selecting and targeting the right keywords
  • Generating appealing titles and description for the Ads
  • Handling low cost per click (CPC) is possible only through targeting and focus on less competitive yet more searched keywords.
  • Periodically keeping track of PPC campaign results and focusing more on all major variables like click through rate (CTR) and cost per click (CPC)
  • Updating the client regularly about the status of his Pay Per Click campaign. We would like to match the client's expectations.
  • Analyze and optimize website landing pages.
  • Periodic bid level adjustments.
  • Monitoring of ad performance every day.
  • Geographic targeting (city, state, region, country)

The PPC advertizing services at Prodigy Apex Technologies provides entire range of PPC marketing services; amalgamating sponsored and content page advertising as offered by Google, Yahoo, and MSN.

The internet marketing Professionals at our company in India are very well equipped with all the expertise and necessary software to guarantee that our clients get good return on investments (ROI) and they meet all their PPC advertising goals.