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Client server application development

Client-Server applications and n-tier architecture has played a major role in e-business world. The client-server architecture minimizes network traffic by providing response to a particular query rather than the total file transfer and improves multi-user updating through a GUI front end to a shared database.

E-business operation involves input of data (placing of order), processing of data, then storing the data, and also accessing the data. The data which is stored should be shared or accessed by company employees, customers, vendors and distributors. Everybody in this network require access to data. Here access to the data in commercial relational databases, usually in a remote server should be secured, quick and reliable. As an e-business company you need secured systems that are robust, with minimal maintenance, and also scalable. We keep all these scenarios in to consideration when we building or upgrading your corporate systems and applications.

Uniqueness of client-server computing is Divides the work of computing:

Client-server systems break up the work of computing among the several separate (individual) machines.

Network infrastructure:

Keeping these divisions of labor in mind, client-server systems rely on networks to amalgamate (bring together) disparate computers into a network.

Adaptability of the user:

It provides users with the wide range in choosing of software presentation, and also provides the software designers with the height of freedom in creating programs that are attractive, readily customized, and contemporary.

By using well thought-out methodologies and established IT processes, we can help you to reduce complications, risks and costs related to client-server development.

Prodigy Apex Technologies technical team has mastered in a wide range of the current programming language tools and on various platforms for client-server application. Our technical capabilities can help you ensure whether the client-server products and services we provide meet your expectations.

The demand for client-server computing has arisen, since there is a constant change in the business requirements. Business today requires highly efficient, flexible, highly usable interfaces, which runs much faster, integrated, and comprehensive applications to support the complete range of business processes.

Advantages of client-server applications:

Client-server applications we develop are based on network management and also remove expensive web cross-platform compatibility issues. New technology can also be easily integrated into the existing system.

The major advantage of client-server applications is it does not require full screen refreshes for entering and retrieving data. Instead they allow users to select options, check boxes and input data in real time.

More customer centric applications can be created faster and cheaper using multiple window widgets such as trees, menus, and tabs. Any or all elements can be replaced individually as needs arise.

Client-server application provides total independence to vendor.

Client-server application offers multiple accesses to multiple teams. Server can be accessed remotely and across multiple platforms.

Information’s can be accessed beyond geographical boundaries from any locations and all time.

Client-Server based applications are mostly implemented in the areas like procurement and ordering, sales and marketing, human resource management, distribution-Retail, etc.